Upcoming Webinars

    • April 28, 2021, 1 to 2 EDT- (First in the webinar series Exploring the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare, a series on the growing impact of behavioral healthcare on clinical outcomes and cost) Behavioral health providers continue to struggle to increase COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among staff and patients, especially in communities of color. During this webinar, HMA behavioral health experts will discuss strategies for increasing vaccine acceptance among behavioral health providers and clients. Speakers will also address how disparities in COVID-19 infection rates impact behavioral healthcare.
    • April 6, 2021, 1 to 2 p.m. EDT- Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans can avoid the disruptive triannual accreditation fire drill by instituting a process-driven approach to continuous quality improvement, driving member satisfaction, improving health outcomes, and ensuring a smooth accreditation process. During this webinar, HMA experts will provide strategies and best practices for maintaining ongoing quality processes. Speakers will also provide an understanding of the growing role that HEDIS and CAHPS measures play in member assignment, plan ratings, and pay-for-performance programs.
    • March 31, 2021 1 to 2 p.m. EDT- During this Health Performance Accelerator by HMA & HealthEC webinar, our panel of experts will summarize the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule, walk through what this data will do for your organization, and explore how it could positively impact the economics of healthcare.
    • March 18, 2021 1 to 2 p.m. EST- Efforts by Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to reach underserved communities, address health inequity, and re-engage marginalized individuals are greatly enhanced when payment models are maximized to support innovation in the delivery of care. During this webinar, HMA experts address how FQHCs can enhance payments and boost opportunities to innovate under both the current Prospective Payment System and under emerging alternative, value-based payment models. Speakers will also address creative strategies for outreach, engagement, care management, and the implementation of alternate clinical care modalities such as group visits and telehealth.
    • March 16, 2021 1 to 2 p.m. EST- COVID-19 vaccination has lagged among underserved populations and communities of color in part because of a deeply rooted historical skepticism concerning the safety and efficacy of certain medical treatments and procedures. During this webinar, experts from HMA, Tufts Health Plan, and ConsejoSano will discuss how healthcare providers and public health officials can engage underserved populations and communities of color, build trust through tailored strategies, and raise the level of comfort and confidence among individuals still reticent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • September 30, 2020 1 to 2 p.m. EDT- The upcoming federal elections portend tremendous change for federal health care programs, in particular Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. If there is a change in administration and Congressional control, stakeholders should expect rapid implementation of new policy agendas and regulatory frameworks. New presidents generally pursue aggressive policy and regulatory agendas to fulfill campaign promises and quickly secure their policy objectives. Second-term presidents seek to solidify and extend their policy legacies. Health care stakeholders should begin to prepare for potential changes now to ensure that their organizations are best positioned for 2021 and beyond. Through a new collaboration between Health Management Associates (HMA) and Dentons global law firm, a former presidential candidate and governor, presidential transition team veterans, former federal government administrators, and health policy experts will outline the different health care platforms of the Biden and Trump campaigns. The webinar will explore: – The major differences in policy positions and how a Trump or Biden Administration will administer the Medicare, Medicaid and Affordable Care Act (ACA) programs. – How the current COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, and a potential Supreme Court decision will shape these agendas. – The process for presidential transitions and how new governing and regulatory agendas are established. – This webinar will be the first in a series hosted by HMA and Dentons to discuss the implications of the upcoming elections and their potential impact on federal health program policies and regulatory agendas. Speakers Governor Howard Dean (VT), Former Presidential Candidate & Senior Advisor, Dentons’ Public Policy and Regulation Practice Kathleen Nolan, Regional Vice President, HMA Jonathan Blum, Vice President, Federal Policy & Managing Director, Medicare, HMA Bruce Fried, Partner, Dentons’ Health Care Practice