Re-Thinking Behavioral Health Crisis Systems: Saving Lives, Saving Resources

April 16, 2019, 1 to 2 p.m. EST -Across the country, police and EMS are increasingly called upon to respond to individuals experiencing behavioral health crises, without having received the training, skills and resources to be effective. At the same time, civilian crisis response services (e.g. crisis hotlines, mobile crisis teams) are often siloed from the public safety response, contributing to system fragmentation and inappropriate interventions. Local governments are spending considerable resources without getting the desired outcomes, and individuals frequently receive subpar care, placing them at risk for future crises and cycling in and out of emergency rooms and the criminal justice system.

During this webinar, experts from HMA will explore the four key elements of a successful crisis system re-design: crisis prevention, early intervention, appropriate response, and improved post-crisis support. Speakers will also address why system re-design is the foundational element to a new way of delivering crisis services.

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