Opioid Treatment Eco-Systems: A New Way Forward for Understanding, Addressing the Opioid Crisis

February 13, 2019, 1 to 2 p.m. EDT– This is the first webinar in a series about addressing the opioid crisis in America.
No one questions the terrible impact opioid abuse has had on America – a grim tally measured in overdoses, dependency, broken families, and soaring health care costs. Less understood is how we got here, and the best way forward. Even as the federal government prepares to invest billions of dollars in battling opioids, important questions remain concerning the most effective way of organizing a complete eco-system of care to tackle this problem.

During this webinar, nationally recognized addiction expert and HMA Principal Corey Waller, MD, will discuss how the historical structure of the nation’s approach to addiction treatment hampers progress on opioid addition. Dr. Waller will also identify pathways at the state, provider, and health plan level for fostering an effective opioid treatment eco-system.

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