HMA Launches Podcast Series with a Look at the California Medicaid Managed Care Procurement

HMA is launching a new series of 15-minute podcasts called On the Horizon, covering timely developments in Medicaid, publicly sponsored healthcare, and other topics important to managed care plans, providers, states, counties, and other healthcare stakeholders.

The inaugural episode focuses on the California Medicaid managed care procurement, which encompasses more than 3 million of the state’s Medi-Cal members and represents a huge opportunity for health plans. Margaret Tatar, managing principal of HMA’s Sacramento office, will discuss key aspects of the procurement, including which health plans and programs are impacted, the size of the opportunity, the timing of the procurement process, and why this procurement is different from any other in the history of Medi-Cal. The session is moderated by Jason Silva, a senior consultant in HMA’s Sacramento office.

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