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Elyse VanderWoude

(646) 590-0237
[email protected]
Research Associate
New York City, NY

Elyse VanderWoude brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare research, with a specific focus on Medicaid and Medicare complexities and disparities in access to healthcare. As a research associate at HMA Information Services, she delivers valuable state-by-state Medicaid and Medicare updates, including reports and quantitative data, to clients.

Prior to joining HMA, Elyse was a team member of the Breastfeeding Care Study Team at the Yale School of Public Health, where she was actively involved in the study’s development, data collection, and analysis. She efficiently utilized MAXQDA software for qualitative data coding and handled various administrative responsibilities such as participant communication, background research, and meeting coordination.

Elyse’s previous roles include serving as a Community Mental Health Fellow at the Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation, where she engaged in meetings with mental health professionals and researched legislation impacting mental healthcare for homeless individuals.

Her research experience extends to her undergraduate years at Yale University, where she worked as a research assistant in the Mechanisms of Disinhibition (MoD) Laboratory, conducting clinical interviews and administering neuropsychological evaluations. She also contributed to the academic community as an undergraduate learning assistant and held various roles supporting community health education, student management, and library operations.

During her time as a recovery casework intern at the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, Elyse played a vital role in disaster response and recovery efforts, addressing the challenges posed by simultaneous disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elyse has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University. In her free time, she enjoys exploring New York City, watching classic films, trying new restaurants, and visiting museums.