MeridianRx, LLC is a privately held, family-owned company that launched in 2007 to add flexibility and transparency in the industry. MeridianRx was founded by Dr. David Cotton, initially as the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for Meridian’s health plans.

Throughout Meridian’s growth, several different pharmacy benefit management partners were utilized as vendors, each promising greater flexibility, increased transparency, and better member and customer service.

Ultimately, Dr. Cotton decided it was Meridian’s turn to build their own PBM to provide the best possible service for his plan and members. With a promise of commitment to true accountability, non-conflicting alignments of goals, and strong customer service, MeridianRx was born.

MeridianRx’s mission is to provide premier pharmacy benefit management services through a commitment to transparency, flexibility, and innovation. MeridianRx is dedicated to the promotion of high quality, cost-effective pharmacy benefits for clients.

Focusing on innovation and care first, MeridianRx built a premier call center with the appropriate training and technology to make sure members’ questions were answered through a one call resolution. With the member-focused call center in place, MeridianRx began looking for ways to provide timely clinical review of prior authorizations and formulary management. Through the launch of MeridianRx Live Integrated Network (MERLIN), MeridianRx was able to create a claims processing system that would be able to support all requests within a scalable, flexible system.

MeridianRx fills a gap in the PBM industry, offering technologically advanced and timely services nationwide to health plans, commercial groups, and other payers. MeridianRx strives to remain true to its mission of providing the highest efficacy at the lowest possible cost.