MCG has 20 years of experience working with Medicaid Agencies and Government Contractors. We offer practical solutions for government-administered healthcare programs helping states achieve their goals for improved member health outcomes, administrative efficiencies, and cost savings. Our solutions help State Medicaid Fee for Service, Medicaid Managed Care Organization’s and Health System’s with evidence based guidelines to manage their members.

• Controlling Costs: States and MCOs enrolling members with complex – and often costly – conditions require the right tools to effectively manage these populations. Our evidence-based care guidelines offer care management support to achieve the most cost effective path to improved member health. MCG creates enterprise-wide solutions that strike a balance between keeping your health plan financially sound while ensuring appropriate care for your health plan members.

• Staying Compliant: With recent health care law changes, MCOs must navigate a complex environment of regulations in order to maintain compliance. Using clinical decision support from MCG allows you to craft care plans with the latest medical data assembled with those regulations in mind.

• Staffing Efficiently: With opportunities to reduce hospital readmissions and automate Prior Authorizations via our Cite AutoAuth software solution, States and MCOs can cut administrative costs by not having to duplicate staff work. By streamlining care management using MCG solutions, MCO and Medicaid personnel are able to collaborate more effectively with the provider market to arrive at consensus decisions improving the member’s journey to better health.

• Driving the Best Care: MCG solutions will help you drive the best care across your entire enterprise. MCG care guidelines and software are the healthcare industry’s gold standard and used by over 80% of the U.S. payer market and over 1,600 hospitals. We help you provide your members with the satisfaction of a positive healthcare experience – while saving time and money – which reflects on your organization.